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 New Generation V8's for NBS

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PostSubject: New Generation V8's for NBS   Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:44 pm

With Scalextric now discontinuing V8 Supercars plus the lack of variety in car makes anyway after a meeting with Friday Night regulars we have now decided to run a V8 class where everyone is using the same Chassis and motor only the Body will look different. The chassis we will be using will be unveiled soon but first off i thought i would post some pics of new Body i am preparing for the first of the new generation cars. Bare in mind it still needs the rear wing fixed, window decals fitted and more trimming around the wheel arches are required. The pics show it sitting on one of our current V8's but the new Chassis will have alloy wheels all round with inserts in the wheels that look like or similar to current V8's. Auf or myself will release more details about the new Chassis soon. The good thing about the new bodies is you can fit an interior and see it through clear windows too. You will still be able to run your old scalextric body too but will probably be disadvantaged by having to run a heavier body and will be stuck with black windows too. All current manufacturer's, Volvo, Ford, Holden, Nissan and Mercedes are available in the Clear bodies. Also when painted on the inside with the right paint these bodies will last a long time unlike the earlier clear bodies that i used an Automotive clear coat on made them brittle. Is also very easy compaired to the stock scalextric bodies to decal and paint as no matter how rough your painting skill are because you paint the inside it looks shiny and smooth on the outside so custom liveries would be simple too. Finally the cost of setting up one of these cars will be around the same cost as buying a scalextric car and setting up for here as now that they are discontinued the price of the Scalextric V8 will likely get ridiculous so keep an eye on this topic as i finalize our motor and chassis options. Anyway here is a few pics of where i am up to with the Ford FGX Body.

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New Generation V8's for NBS
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