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 Xmas Breakup 4 Hour BTCC Enduro

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PostSubject: Xmas Breakup 4 Hour BTCC Enduro   Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:47 pm

4 Hour British Touring Cars Enduro and Trophy Presentation for the Modern GT series will be Friday 15th December. Cost is $10 per driver and there will be 3 drivers per team. And if there is at least 4 full teams nominated 2 weeks before the race there will be medallions for all drivers in the Top 3 positions. A Breakout of 9.2 sec per lap will be set and cars must have original motor still fitted, unmodified interior and rear bearings can be glued or tied in. Body screws can be loosened for body float and we may allow a small tweak to any car that may stuggle to get to the 9.2sec breakout. Practice for the race will begin from 4.30pm and the Enduro will start at 6.30pm. Practice for this event can also be organized for other days outside our normal racemeets just contact myself to organize a time that suit. We are always open to new people to come participate even if you dont own a car or controller but do stress that a some practice is required before running so if you are interested in coming and having a go at an Enduro or one if our racemeets feel free to message me privately on this page or comment on the post.

Teams so far:

Team Kiwi: Garry, Rhys and Emma

PAR: Pat, Allan and Ryan

Team Goldie: Peter, Wayne and Rick

Team 4: Josh, Stephen and Bruce

Team 5: John, Nathan and Jake

Team 6: Tev, Ben and TBA
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Xmas Breakup 4 Hour BTCC Enduro
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