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Digital Slotcar Racing on Brisbane's Northside
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 Friday 15th June 2018 3 hour Slotworx Nascar Enduro

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PostSubject: Friday 15th June 2018 3 hour Slotworx Nascar Enduro   Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:14 am

Well our first Slotworx Nascar Enduro has been run and won and being our first time with the bigger 1/24 cars in an Enduro we we a little relaxed with our rules and offered guys the choice of swapping to a spare car during pit stops as i was a little unsure how a Slot it Chip would hold up over 3 hours of constant driving of a Fox 4 motor but 2 cars in the field did test that theory by running the whole 3 hours without missing a beat and in the process proving to me that they are worthy of doing the job at our upcoming V8 Supercar Bathurst Enduro in October where all teams will be made to run 1 car per teams and no backup cars so building a reliable car will be a must for that race. Well done to Narangba Warriors on the win with Wayne putting in a superb effort being he has never run a Slotworx car on my track until his first stint in the race at about the 40min mark with the car in a holding around a 20 second lead he was on pace within 2 to 3 laps and Nathan topped it off with some consitent qualifying like laps throughout his stint allowing me to relax a little in my stints and have some fun. Congats also to SRB for pushing us the whole race was a super effort from Sandman, Ryan and Bruce. And well done to Steve, Rhys and Scott for grabbing the final podium spot which makes that 2 Enduros in a row that the SSR guys have been on the podium. Big thank you to all the other guys who took part in the race aswell as it was some great racing by all. Bring oon the GT3/GTE series starting next fortnight and our 6 Hour Enduro is not far away either so start organizing those teams.

Narangba Warriors: Nathan, Wayne and John
SRB: Sandman, Ryan and Bruce
SSR Performance: Steve, Scott and Rhys
JAW: John F, Allan and Warren
Me Myself and I: Ben

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Friday 15th June 2018 3 hour Slotworx Nascar Enduro
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