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 2018 Twin Cam GT3/GTE 6 Hour Enduro

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PostSubject: 2018 Twin Cam GT3/GTE 6 Hour Enduro   Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:27 pm

The Twin Cam 6 Hour GT3/GTE Enduro will be run on Saturday 28th July. We will open up the track for practice from 12pm and qualifying for the Enduro will be at 2.45pm and Enduro to begin at 3pm and be finished by 9pm. Medals will be awarded to all the drivers from the Top 3 teams in a small presentation straight after the race. This year we will allow Carrera cars to be included with the Scalextric cars to allow for a little variety. Also the car that starts the race must finish the race also so best to make sure they are running spot on and reliable before the Enduro starts. Rules for the Scalextric cars are that it must run 1 Bar magnet only and can run a Choice of Urethane or Rubber Tyres, have Clear windows and full Scalextric interior fitted. Also it must have at least working headlights as close to 2 hours of the race will be run in dim light to simulate night time. If the Scalextric motor is a dud it can be swapped to something no more than 21500rpm but depending on the torque of the motor will decide whether you run a modded or stock chips a i dont want to see cars capable of 7 sec laps when breakout is 8.4sec. For the guys running Carrera cars you must run the stock Carrera magnets that come in the car only, your choice of Urethane or Rubber Tyre and because the Carrera cars generally need a motor swap to be competitive they can also run anything up to a 21500rpm and like the Scalextric cars the torque of the motor will decide on what chip you run. So far all the Carrera cars here have been fitted with a Slot it 21500rpm have needed the stock chip to give them a similar power feel to most Scalextric cars and be just on breakout. I will also allow the Carrera guys to choose between an 8 or 9 tooth pinion on the motor. Being that its my 40th Birthday the following Friday i was going to put on Pizza and nibblies ect for those that come as a bit celebration for that too. Probably best to start organizing your teams asap guys and if we get more than 18 we may look at bumping it up to 4 guys/girls per team.

Teams so far:

Team 1: Team Anzacs.

Team 2: John, Pat and Bruce

Team 3: Steve, Rhys and Scott

Team 4: Allan, Sandman and Ryan

Team 5: Peter Wayne and Rick
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2018 Twin Cam GT3/GTE 6 Hour Enduro
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