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 Friday 16th December 2011

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PostSubject: Friday 16th December 2011   Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:34 pm

Great Finish to the year last nite with some hotly contested races in the V8's and the GT class, Steve was very unlucky in the V8 A-final with a ID loss costing him a possible race victory but a Holden broke through for their fist Victory in a A-Final this year after i took it out driving the Supercheap Holden and Paul and Danny deserve big wraps for filling the rest of the podium. Also really enjoyed the Porsche/GT class aswell and am looking forward to running them next year.

Qualifying V8's

1.John 12.729 Supercheap Holden VE
2.Steve 12.879 Bottlo FG
3.Danny 12.939 HRT VE
4.Tristan 13.539 Jim Beam Black FG
5.Luke 13.546 Sprint Gas VE
6.Paul 13.751 Dunlop FG
7.Trent 13.798 SP Tools
8.Bruce 14.321 VIP VE
9.Trev 14.410 CAT BF
10.Bec 18.809 Bundaberg VE

Heat 1 5min Duration

1.John 21laps
2.Danny 20laps
3.Trent 20laps
4.Luke 19laps
5.Trev 19laps

Heat 2

1.Steve 20laps
2.Paul 20laps
3.Bruce 19laps
4.Tristan 19laps
5.Bec 15laps

Heat 3

1.Danny 21laps
2.John 21laps
3.Trent 21laps
4.Luke 20laps
5.Trev 18laps

Heat 4

1.Steve 21laps
2.Bruce 20laps
3.Paul 19laps
4.Tristan 19laps
5.Bec 16laps

B-Final 10min Duration Top 2 Transfer to A-Final

1.Bruce 39laps
2.Trent 39laps
3.Tristan 38laps
4.Luke 38laps
5.Trev 37laps
6.Bec 30laps

A-Final 15min Duration

1.John 62laps
2.Paul 59laps
3.Danny 59laps
4.Steve 58laps
5.Bruce 57laps
6.Trent 17laps

Qualifying GT's

1.John 12.615 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
2.Trent 12.985 Scalextric Jaguar
3.Tristan 13.030 Scalextric BMW
4.Steve 13.673 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
5.Paul 13.697 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
6.Danny 13.878 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
7.Bruce 14.290 Carrera Porsche GT3
8.Trev 14.350 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
9.Bec 15.691 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3
10.Luke 27.625 Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3

Heat 1 5min Duration

1.John 21laps
2.Tristan 19laps
3.Paul 18laps
4.Bruce 18laps
5.Bec 16laps

Heat 2

1.Trent 19laps
2.Trev 17laps
3.Luke 17laps
4.Steve 16laps
5.Danny 11laps

Heat 3

1.John 21laps
2.Tristan 20laps
3.Paul 20laps
4.Bruce 19laps
5.Bec 17laps

Heat 4

1.Steve 20laps
2.Trent 19laps
3.Luke 19laps
4.Trev 16laps

B-Final 10min Duration Top 3 Transfer to A-Final

1.Steve 40laps
2.Bruce 39laps
3.Luke 39laps
4.Trev 37laps
5.Paul 36laps
6.Bec 23laps

A-Final 15min Duration

1.John 62laps
2.Tristan 60laps
3.Steve 60laps
4.Trent 58laps
5.Bruce 56laps
6.Luke 56laps

Well done and Thank You to Everyone who has participated in 2011. I look forward to bigger and better racing in 2012

Cheers John

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Friday 16th December 2011
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