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 Wireless Throttles

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PostSubject: Wireless Throttles   Wireless Throttles EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 2:03 pm

Ok guys, i ordered 3 Wireless throttle boxes from the UK this morning 2 are already sold with one left remaining for sale, if their is any further interest in these boxes i will order more but they do come at a cost of around $110 each but with they also offer adjustable dynamic braking if you have the uprgraded firmware in your car's chip of which i can upgrade and it also has a button for a horn or turning lights on or off if your car has lights fitted and the chip firmware upgrade but the biggest thing for me is being able to stand anywhere in the shed i like and be able to drive the car and be able to move aswell without worring about tearing you controller wire out of the plug. These boxes are bluetooth and a bluetooth dongle will be plugged into the PC and the latest version of SSDConsole(the program we use to run racing with) released a new version of their program to accomodate the wireless controller of which we will be running 1st racemeet this year so if you are unsure i will be using mine for the 1st racemeet for all to see and i would say the other 2 will be in operation on the 1st racemeet aswell. Any questions guys feel free to contact me or check out this topic on slotforum Wireless Forum Link

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Wireless Throttles
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