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 Friday 2nd March 2012

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PostSubject: Friday 2nd March 2012   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:44 pm

Another excellent nite of racing, with lots of tight battles in the heats and finals. And was also fun to get the classics out again last nite. Josh also recieves a free set of tyres for being the hardest charger on the night

Qualifying NASCAR

1.Trent 11.798 Stanley Fusion

2.John 12.063 M@M's Camry

3.Danny 12.107 Kellogs Impala

4.Tristan 12.114 Motorcraft Fusion

5.Josh 12.234 Mountain Dew Impala

6.Bruce 12.484 Lowes Impala

7.Trev 12.978 CAT Impala

8.Shay 13.470 Dupont Impala

9.Rhys 13.496 Kobalt Impala

10 Moby 13.745 Office Depot Impala

11.Kev 13.857 Kellogs Impala

12.Bec 14.651 Kellogs Impala

Heat 1 5min duration

1.Trent 22laps

2.Danny 21laps

3.Josh 21laps

4.Rhys 19laps

5.Trev 19laps

6.Kev 18laps

Heat 2

1.John 22laps

2.Tristan 22laps

3.Bruce 21laps

4.Shay 19laps

5.Moby 19laps

6.Bec 17laps

Heat 3

1.Trent 22laps

2.Josh 21laps

3.Danny 21laps

4.Rhys 19laps

5.Trev 18laps

Heat 4

1.John 23laps

2.Bruce 21laps

3.Tristan 21laps

4.Moby 20laps

5.Shay 18laps

6.Bec 17laps

C-Final 10min duration Top3 to B-Final

1.Rhys 40laps

2.Shay 39laps

3.Moby 39laps

4.Trev 39laps

5.Bec 36laps

6.Kev 32laps

B-Final 10min duration Top3 to A-Final

1.Tristan 43laps

2.Josh 43laps

3.Bruce 42laps

4.Rhys 41laps

5.Moby 39laps

6.Shay 38laps


1.Trent 67laps

2.John 65laps

3.Josh 65laps

4.Bruce 63laps

5.Tristan 61laps

6.Danny 59laps

Qualifying Classics

1.Trent 12.358 Pioneer Mustang

2.John 12.416 Revell Monogram 63 Galaxie

3.Tristan 12.808 Carrera Capri

4.Danny 12.836 Scaley Camaro

5.Josh 12.891 SCX Plymouth

6.Bruce 13.853 Scaley Mustang

7.Rhys 13.925 Scaley Camaro

8.Shay 15.007 Scaley Mustang

9.Trev 15.271 Pioneer Mustang

Heat 1 5 min duration

1.Josh 20laps

2.Tristan 20laps

3.Trent 19laps

4.Rhys 17laps

5.Trev 15laps

Heat 2

1.John 20laps

2.Shay 20laps

3.Danny 20laps

4.Bruce 18laps

Heat 3

1.Tristan 21laps

2.Josh 21laps

3.Trent 21laps

4.Rhys 19laps

5.Trev 17laps

Heat 4

1.John 22laps

2.Bruce 18laps

3.Shay 17laps

B-Final 7 min duration winner to A-Final

1.Rhys 29laps

2.Bruce 28laps

3.Shay 27laps

4.Trev 24laps

A-Final 10min duration

1.Trent 43laps

2.Josh 43laps

3.John 43laps

4.Rhys 38laps

5.Tristan 38laps

Cheers John
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Friday 2nd March 2012
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