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 Friday 16th March 2012

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PostSubject: Friday 16th March 2012   Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:21 pm

Great turnout again on Friday night with 17 drivers and some great racing as usual to go with it. Trent has all but wrapped up the 1st place trophy in the Nascar series with his 4th straight round win now it will be interesting to see if he can carry his dominance over to the V8 series which starts next round, only time will tell. The heats were also very close.

Qualifying NASCARS

1.John 11.287 M@M's Camry

2.Tristan 11.753 Motorcraft Fusion

3.Josh 12.001 Mountain Dew Impala

4.Trent 12.002 Stanley Fusion

5.Danny 12.355 Kellogs Impala

6.Steve 12.562 Hooters Impala

7.Paul 12.645 National Guard Impala

8.Trev 12.810 CAT Impala

9.Bruce 12.975 Lowes Impala

10.Rhys 13.154 Mountain Dew Impala

11.Luke 13.168 Cheerios Avenger

12.Glen 13.380 AMP Impala

13.Shay 13.655 Mountain Dew Impala

14.Moby 13.738 Office Depot Impala

15.Nick 13.760 Kellogs Impala

16.Deb 14.052 Dupont Impala

17.Bec 14.867 National Guard Impala

Heat 1 5min duration

1.Trent 23laps

2.John 23laps

3.Rhys 21laps

4.Paul 19laps

5.Deb 18laps

6.Shay 18laps

Heat 2

1.Tristan 23laps

2.Danny 23laps

3.Luke 20laps

4.Trev 20laps

5.Moby 20laps

6.Bec 17laps

Heat 3

1.Josh 22laps

2.Bruce 22laps

3.Steve 22laps

4.Glen 19laps

5.Nick 17laps

Heat 4

1.John 23laps

2.Trent 23laps

3.Rhys 21laps

4.Shay 19laps

5.Deb 18laps

6.Paul 18laps

Heat 5

1.Tristan 22laps

2.Danny 21laps

3.Luke 20laps

4.Moby 19laps

5.Trev 19laps

6.Bec 17laps

Heat 6

1.Bruce 22laps

2.Josh 22laps

3.Steve 21laps

4.Glen 19laps

5.Nick 18laps

D-Final 2min duration winner to C-Final

1.Deb 7laps

2.Bec 7laps

C-Final 7min duration winner to B-Final

1.Paul 29laps

2.Trev 29laps

3.Moby 27laps

4.Nick 26laps

5.Shay 26laps

6.Deb 25laps

B-Final 10min duration winner to A-Final

1.Danny 44laps

2.Steve 43laps

3.Luke 41laps

4.Paul 40laps

5.Rhys 38laps

6.Glen 30laps

A-Final 15min duration

1.Trent 69laps

2.Tristan 69laps

3.Josh 67laps

4.John 66laps

5.Danny 65laps

6.Bruce 65laps

Qualifying V8 Supercars

1.John 12.420 Mother Energy FG

2.Tristan 12.563 Jim Beam Black FG

3.Trent 12.741 SP Tools FG

4.Josh 12.831 Wilson Security FG

5.Rhys 13.101 Dunlop FG

6.Bruce 13.172 Supercheap VE

7.Paul 13.226 Dunlop FG

8.Danny 13.332 HRT VE

9.Luke 13.409 Pepsi Max VE

10.Glen 13.750 Black and White Cabs FG

11.Shay 13.859 HRT VE

12.Trev 14.067 Jack Daniels VE

13.Steve 14.155 Bottlo FG

14.Deb 14.217 Castrol Edge BF

15.Bec 15.242 Bundaberg VE

Heat 1 3min duration

1.Steve 13laps

2.Josh 13laps

3.John 13laps

4.Paul 12laps

5.Glen 11laps

Heat 2

1.Rhys 12laps

2.Tristan 12laps

3.Danny 12laps

4.Deb 11laps

5.Shay 10laps

Heat 3

1.Trent 13laps

2.Bruce 12laps

3.Luke 12laps

4.Trev 11laps

5.Bec 10laps

Heat 4

1.Josh 12laps

2.John 12laps

3.Steve 12laps

4.Paul 12laps

5.Glen 10laps

Heat 5

1.Tristan 12laps

2.Rhys 12laps

3.Danny 12laps

4.Deb 10laps

5.Shay 10laps

Heat 6

1.Trent 13laps

2.Luke 12laps

3.Bruce 12laps

4.Trev 11laps

5.Bec 10laps

C-Final 5 min duration winner to B-Final

1.Trev 19laps

2.Glen 19laps

3.Paul 18laps

4.Shay 18laps

5.Deb 18laps

6.Bec 18laps

B-Final 8 min duration top 2 to A-Final

1.John 34laps

2.Danny 33laps

3.Luke 32laps

4.Steve 31laps

5.Trev 29laps

6.Bruce 25laps

A-Final 10min duration

1.Trent 44laps

2.John 43laps

3.Tristan 43laps

4.Rhys 41laps

5.Danny 40laps

6.Josh 39 laps
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Friday 16th March 2012
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