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Digital Slotcar Racing on Brisbane's Northside
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 Digital Controllers

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PostSubject: Digital Controllers   Digital Controllers EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 3:27 pm

Currently we have 3 controllers to choose from with Scalextric Digital:
1.Digital Controllers C7002
The Scalextric Digital Hand Controller, is the cheapest option at around 30 dollars, can be a little unreliable and generally needs calibration through the powerbase and has a linear throttle curve out of the box, the only way that you can change throttle curves on these controllers is by having a 6 car powerbase that runs in conjuntion with SSD console program on a PC which in the program allows changes to throttle curves. Also recommend regular dissassembly and wipe the controllers internal slider down with a bit of Meythlated Spirits on a Rag. This controller is good for the occasional and the home user
2.Digital Controllers Thumbpd3_02
The Pendle Digital Truspeed is the middle priced option at around $100 is a much better option for the racer, the stock pot which comes with the controller has a small curve in the throttle making it better for the wood/non mag racer out of the box, this controller is smooth and reliable i have owned one of these for about 3 months now and find it far superior to the Scalextric version, i have been told that the pot (slider) might need the occasional light sand but in the 3 months ive had mine so far i havent had to touch mine yet. They come in a MB Slot case and you can buy 3 types of pots for them the standard one has a slight throttle curve or you can get a linear one for the guys that like the power coming on early in the throttle or guys that race with magnets, and the other option is a large throttle curve for the technical tracks or for guys that like the bulk of the throttle to come on late. You can also adjust these controllers through SSD Console aswell. This would be my pick of the 3 controllers.
3.Digital Controllers Siscp1
The Slotit Controller with Digital module. Is the dearest option at around the $160 dollar mark but has many adjustable options on the controller with the turn of a knob like Throttle curve and Braking ect. The downside to this controller is that a seperate 12v power supply is required to run this controller, i havent personally used this controller yet, but it would probably be a great controller if you are willing to pay for the controller and a power supply to go with.

Cheers John
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Digital Controllers
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