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Digital Slotcar Racing on Brisbane's Northside
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 Modern GT3/GTE

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Modern GT3/GTE Empty
PostSubject: Modern GT3/GTE   Modern GT3/GTE EmptyThu Sep 27, 2018 11:59 pm

Rules for GT3/GTE

#Any GT3/GTE car made after 2010
#1 Bar Magnet only with Aftermarket Bar Magnet allowed and also up to 1 button magnet allowed if car is off pace to the Lap Breakout
#MJK or any aftermarket Rubber tyre allowed
#Stock and Modified Chips allowed due to this class working around a 8.4 sec per lap breakout
#Only Alloy Wheels are allowed is if car was released with them stock
#Must have stock factory running gear (no axle or bearing upgrades)
#Glueing/Fixing rear plastic bearing is allowed

So this class allows some small tweaks but must comply with the 8.4sec breakout in racing conditions. With the track to be run at no more than 11.5-12 volts
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Modern GT3/GTE
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