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 Friday 4th November 2011

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PostSubject: Friday 4th November 2011   Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:07 pm

Congrats to Josh for taking out his first V8 A-Final and pretty much dominated it from the start to finish he now moves into first position in the Series points aswell, Hayden also had a good run in the final aswell and also the finish in the 10min Classic A-Final was a corker with both the leader and 2nd place on fumes and spluttering with the SSD Fuel burn both cars limped over the finish line with -0.128sec between them, it was a finish that probably wont be repeated for a while. Was a good turnout too.

Qualifying V8 Supercars

1.John 12.991 Mother Energy FG
2.Josh 13.306 Irwin Tools FG
3.Tristan 13.419 Jim Beam FG
4.Paul 13.442 Dunlop FG
5.Trent 13.626 SP Tools FG
6.Hayden 13.741 Vodafone VE
7.Danny 13.928 2010 Lowndes/Skaife Vodafone VE
8.Bruce 14.024 Dunlop FG
9.Jordan 14.027 Wilson Security FG
10.Trev 14.028 Bundaberg VE
11.Glen 15.575 Orrcon FG

Heat 1 5min duration

1.Trent 20laps
2.Tristan 19laps
3.Danny 19laps
4.John 18laps
5.Glen 18laps
6.Jordan 17laps

Heat 2

1.Josh 21laps
2.Paul 20laps
3.Hayden 20laps
4.Bruce 19laps
5.Trev 17laps

Heat 3

1.John 20laps
2.Trent 19laps
3.Tristan 19laps
4.Danny 18laps
5.Glen 18laps
6.Jordan 17laps

Heat 4

1.Josh 21laps
2.Hayden 20laps
3.Paul 19laps
4.Trev 17laps
5.Bruce 17laps

B-Final 10min duration (winner transfers to A-Final)

1.Hayden 40laps
2.Bruce 38laps
3.Jordan 38laps
4.Trev 38laps
5.Danny 37laps
6.Glen 34laps

A-Final 15min duration

1.Josh 62laps
2.John 61laps
3.Hayden 60laps
4.Trent 59laps
5.Paul 57laps
6.Tristan 55laps

Qualifying Classics

1.Trent 12.735 Pioneer Mustang
2.John 13.255 62 Revell Monogram Galaxie
3.Hayden 13.430 Pioneer Mustang
4.Paul 13.640 General Lee
5.Bruce 13.722 Scalextric Mustang
6.Josh 13.800 Carrera 57 Chev
7.Glen 14.430 67 Revell Monogram Fairlane
8.Trev 15.140 Pioneer Mustang
9.Tristan 14.810 TRU BLU Carrera Capri
10.Danny 15.328 Scalextric Camaro
11.Jordan 16.511 SCX Cuda

Heat 1 3min duration

1.Hayden 11laps
2.Trent 11laps
3.Jordan 10laps
4.Tristan 10laps
5.Glen 10laps
6.Bruce 10laps

Heat 2

1.John 11laps
2.Paul 11laps
3.Trev 10laps
4.Josh 10laps
5.Danny 10laps

Heat 3

1.Trent 11laps
2.Bruce 11laps
3.Glen 10laps
4.Tristan 10laps
5.Hayden 10laps
6.Jordan 9laps

Heat 4

1.John 12laps
2.Paul 11laps
3.Josh 11laps
4.Danny 10laps
5.Trev 10laps

B-Final 7min duration (Hayden retired so Top2 to A-Final)

1.Bruce 26laps
2.Danny 25laps
3.Trev 25laps
4.Tristan 24laps
5.Jordan 20laps
6.Glen 10laps (DNF)

A-Final 10min duration

1.Trent 41laps
2.John 41laps
3.Bruce 38laps
4.Josh 35laps
5.Paul 33laps
6.Danny 31laps

looking forward to running Nascars next round instead of Classics, they should make for some close racing.

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vodafone flytruck

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PostSubject: v8 summer racing   Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:16 pm

hey guys thanks to every1 who gave me andvice to drive my car betta but that win was just luck we see how i go next race meet well done to every 1 that night good racing
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Posts : 680
Join date : 2010-12-27
Age : 40
Location : Narangba, Brisbane

PostSubject: Re: Friday 4th November 2011   Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:01 pm

Dont worry Josh, everyone will be gunning for you next round tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Friday 4th November 2011   

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Friday 4th November 2011
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