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 Friday 13th April 2012

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PostSubject: Friday 13th April 2012   Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:48 pm

Excellent racing tried a little different format which no longer required qualifying, i will make one more small tweak to it next racemeet to make it a little better, but there was some very tough racing and we saw some good drives from all of the guys. Well Done to Shay and Nick for their first A-Final

Heat 1 5min duration V8 supercars

1.John 22laps Mother Energy FG

2.Trent 22laps SP Tools FG

3.Tristan 22laps Jim Beam Black FG

4.Steve 22laps Bottlo FG

5.Danny 21laps Tander HRT VE

Heat 2

1.Josh 22laps Lucky 7 FG

2.Glen 21laps Black and White Cabs FG

3.Rhys 20laps Dunlop FG

4.Moby 20laps Trading Post FG

5.Trev 18laps Jack Daniels FG

Heat 3

1.Shay 20laps Courtney HRT VE

2.Kev 19laps Davison HRT VE

3.Nick 19laps Orrcon FG

4.Luke 17laps Pepsi MAX VE

Heat 4

1.Trent 22laps

2.Tristan 22laps

3.Steve 22laps

4.John 22laps

5.Danny 21laps

Heat 5

1.Josh 22laps

2.Glen 21laps

3.Moby 21laps

4.Rhys 19laps

5.Trev 18laps

Heat 6

1.Nick 21laps

2.Shay 20laps

3.Kev 20laps

4.Luke 20laps

Josh gets a bonus point for getting the fastest lap time from the heats with a 12.373

C-Final 10min duration and winner to B-final

1.Steve 43laps

2.Danny 42laps

3.Luke 40laps

4.Moby 39laps

5.Trev 36laps

6.Rhys 35laps

B-Final 10min duration Top3 to A-final

1.Tristan 44laps

2.Steve 43laps

3.Nick 42laps

4.John 42laps

5.Glen 40laps

6.Kev 38laps

A-Final 15min duration

1.Trent 66laps


3.Steve 64laps

4.Josh 64laps

5.Nick 60laps

6.Shay 58laps

Heat 1 5min duration Nascars

1.Tristan 23laps Motorcraft Fusion

2.John 23laps M@Ms Camry

3.Trent 23laps Stanley Fusion

4.Danny 22laps Kellogs Impala

5.Josh 21laps Mountain Dew Impala

Heat 2

1.Steve 21laps Hooters Impala

2.Moby 21laps Office Depot Impala

3.Glen 20laps Kellogs Impala

4.Luke 20laps Cheerios Avenger

5.Nick 19laps Dupont Impala

Heat 3

1.Rhys 21laps AMP Impala

2.Trev 20laps CAT Impala

3.Kev 20laps National Gaurd Impala

4.Shay 20laps Kellogs Impala

Heat 4

1.Trent 24laps

2.John 23laps

3.Tristan 23laps

4.Danny 23laps

5.Josh 22laps

Heat 5

1.Steve 21laps

2.Luke 21laps

3.Glen 20laps

4.Moby 20laps

5.Nick 20laps

Heat 6

1.Rhys 22laps

2.Trev 21laps

3.Shay 20laps

4.Kev 20laps

Tristan Gains the bonus point from the heats with a 11.641

C-Final 10min duration winner to B-Final

1.Moby 44laps

2.Josh 43 laps

3.Danny 42laps

4.Nick 40laps

5.Kev 40laps

6.Shay 39laps

B-Final 10min duration top 3 to A-Final

1.Trent 46laps

2.John 46laps

3.Moby 42laps

4.Luke 41laps

5.Glen 37laps

6.Trev 29laps

A-Final 15min duration

1.Steve 69laps

2.John 68laps

3.Tristan 68laps

4.Rhys 66laps

5.Trent 64laps

6.Moby 63laps

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Friday 13th April 2012
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